Taylor Momsen Reveals What She’s Keeping ‘Close To The Heart’ From Final Soundgarden Tour


Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless opened for Soundgarden on their final spring 2017 tour, including May 17, 2017 in Detroit at the Fox Theatre, which ended up being Chris Cornell’s final live performance as he died by suicide shortly following the performance.

Momsen has not shared any stories about the final tour since Cornell’s death, though she did recently discuss that it meant a lot to her and discussed her favorite Chris Cornell songs.

A fan recently asked Momsen on Twitter, “Do you have any cool/interesting/touching stories you’d like to share about touring with Soundgarden?”

Momsen responded, “I think I’ll still keep those close to the heart for the time being.”

See the Twitter response below.

Taylor Momsen recently shared photos of her injury she suffered late last year when she fell off stage.

She wrote, “This is what happens to your knee when you fall off the stage in Spain and keep playing shows for the next year…it’s finally healing but I’m still on crutches. #rockandroll” You can view the images below.

Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron commented, “Dude!”

She also wrote on Twitter, “Where the knee destruction began, the subs rattled me right off stage…didn’t know I was falling til I hit the ground.”

Taylor Momsen has said for years that Chris Cornell was her musical hero, and she was devastated by his death, performing an emotional version of “Like a Stone” just a few days later. The Pretty Reckless frontwoman recently did a Twitter Q&A with fans where she discussed Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, and addiction. She also posted a link to Cornell’s new song “You Never Knew My Mind.” Vicky Cornell retweeted Momsen’s tweet about the song.

View Momsen’s comments on Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, and drugs below.