Jimmy Page Calls Out Big Name For Awful Paycheck


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed a horrible BBC paycheck in a new social media post. Page revealed why he had to cancel a performance after a bandmate’s sickness yesterday.

He wrote, “On this day in 2010, I talked to @shaun_keaveny_show about the BBC Sessions for @bbc6music

I went to the BBC Centre in Portland Place, London to do a piece on the @ledzeppelin BBC sessions. At that point it appeared as though the 6 Music service was going to shut down but thankfully got a reprieve. They played some of the less attractive performances that I left off the BBC Sessions CD for good reason; we were jamming some rock and roll numbers that didn’t really fit the seated BBC audience that evening!”

guernicailoveu commented, “I am a bit befuddled and dazed and confused from this post….if this happened in 2010 why are you posting a photo of a check from 1970? 😳🤔.”

leonrice responded, “@guernicailoveu The interview where he discussed the bbc performance was 2010, the performance itself took place in 1970. Well, that’s how I read it (?).”

ehron_miller shot back, “@guernicailoveu Welcome to the world of AI on social media and errors by social media managers. it’s a paid service for the rich and whatever you think is famous with this newfound knowledge.”

Led Zeppelin’s manager making a bold cocaine demand was revealed a few days ago. guernicailoveu said, “@ehron_miller Actually Jimmy writes these posts ….I can guarantee you that!”

ehron_miller concluded, “@guernicailoveu Refreshing. Then, he must read some comments too. Hi Jimmy!! I went to see the movie The Song Remains the Same at a theater before I was in elementary school with my baby sitter tripping on mushrooms. My dad had me with headphones in diapers listening to Led Zeppelin on 8 track. Thanks!”

ustjillianr chimed in, “Jimmy your accountant has it EASY. You keep the best records (both financial and vinyl) in history! 👍👏🐲”

vincebenjamin7 wrote, “Wow a whole £6 no wonder you guys got your tails over the Atlantic and made a mountain load in the good old US of A.” Jimmy Page recently revealed who ruined the Led Zeppelin reunion.