Van Halen Icon Savagely Mocks Keith Richards


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth savagely mocked The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards on an episode of The New Roth show a couple of weeks ago. Keith Richards ‘Love’ Letter To Famous Man was revealed recently. Alternative Nation transcribed Roth’s comments

Roth: As a role model, those women certainly provide great scope for gals who are gonna be mixing it up and be feisty in some sense the future. As far as attitude, mindset, perspective, overview – well it’s the same mindset that you would want in a heart surgeon. That’s the same mindset that want in your educators, bosses, and it’s all going to be women. It’s the same mindset in the gals who are your scoutmasters, your yoga instructors and who have that kind of muscle, okay? It’s great when gals have that, to be able to turn on that masculine thing – boom.

[Roth continues]

Roth: I understand on some other podcast it’s great when fellas turn on the female thing – haven’t seen it but we’re all for it. A Van Halen icon had a gross alcohol accident with his wife that was caught on camera a couple of days ago.


Roth: A dissenting voice says:

“Dave, those women are taking a beating”

Roth: So is Keith Richards, he’s still ticking.

[Roth mimics Keith Richards playing The Rolling Stones’ classic Tumblin Dice] Mick Jagger allegedly disrespected Keith Richards daughter recently. David Lee Roth recently announced a 2020 Las Vegas residency, which bad news for fans hoping for a reunion tour with Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony, and Alex Van Halen. The Rolling Stones just wrapped up their ‘No Filter’ North American tour.