Jimmy Page Coke Photo On Tour Bus Revealed


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recently uploaded a photo of himself drinking coke as he left Aerosmith’s tour bus with Joe Perry on his social media post. Page revealed how Aerosmith exposed him to Red Hot Chili Peppers and what he really thought about them a few days ago.

Page recently wrote about meeting Roy Orbison, “On this day in 1967, I played at Sydney Stadium with The Yardbirds.

This is the first of two dates at the Sydney Stadium. The bill comprised of local artist and very good singer Jeff St John, The Walker Brothers (Scott Walker some years later was to make a major dent in alternative circles with his solo work), The Yardbirds and the amazing Roy Orbison.

This tour gave me the opportunity to speak to Roy, one of my rockabilly heroes about his time at Sun Records.”

Jimmy Page revealed why Led Zeppelin rejected Woodstock last week. He also said, “On this day in 1966, Will You Follow Me / Head Death was released by Paul.

Today saw the 1966 release of the Dylan-esque ‘Will You Follow Me’, written and sung by Paul Bedford; a guitar-playing troubadour and street musician who was playing in London’s Soho.

It was produced in a vein of all that was apparently current at that time on the tightest of budgets, but he had a talent for writing narratives like ‘Head Death’. I lost touch with him when I joined The Yardbirds. His uncle, Brian Bedford, was in the Oscar-winning film Grand Prix.”