Jimmy Page Gets Injection In Photo With Hot Women


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared a photo of himself with two beautiful young woman getting an ‘injection of high voltage Samba.’ Jimmy Page recently told a story about dealing with disgusting ‘loud drunks’ at a concert.

“On this day in 2010, I was in Rio where I would be getting an injection of high voltage Samba at the percussive samba schools of Mangueira, Portela and Beija Flor. During this period, I had a showcase that coincided with the build up to a World Cup football match being projected on an adjacent wall in the hall.

The Brazilians are known for their passion for football and the same school’s percussion and dancers timed the conclusion to their mini-showcase admirably as the glances became more than anxious from those watching the screen, awaiting the kick off. 🇧🇷”

Page also recently wrote, “On this day in 2008, I received an honorary doctorate of music at the University of Surrey at Guildford Cathedral. I had visited the Cathedral before in my Epsom choirboy days, but over forty years later receiving this degree was a moving experience for me and my family, who were also present at the ceremony. The University had some cool facilities and students were up to some interesting music, with sound engineers graduating in digital and analogue recording.”