Tool Member Abandons Surprising Performance


A Tool fan recently revealed how Maynard James Keenan abandons Tool soundchecks before the band play for fans in a new Reddit post. A Tool member revealed a new album ‘disappointment’ yesterday.

nine_ss posted, “Some will choose to complain about everything. It was definitely worth the cost to me. Just set your expectations properly. Parking was kind of confusing. We were told to park at a certain lot but the gate was closed. Turns out the gate was open on the other side and a handful of us were lined up with our cars waiting for a little bit before a smart dude figured it out and came back to let us know.

I ended up being 30th in line when I got to the check in about 1:30. You were pretty much guaranteed front row if you were one of the first 60 people in the VIP line. After they checked us in/took out phones/handed out the backpacks+jackets we went into a lounge where we could order non alcoholic drinks.Tthe entire group was checked in by about 4:30 (150ish people). We waited in the lounge until about 5 when most of us waited by the doors to get ready to line up for sound check.”

Tool kicked fans out of a recent show after a ridiculous demand. “For sound check they lined us up right at the entrance to the bowl. We had to wait until Maynard left before we could go down. We were able to hear his sound check pretty clearly (they played pneuma and intolerance). Once he was done they brought us down and we filled in the seats in the first few rows while they played FI and Adam played the Jambi solo to test out his talkbox.

Afterwards the guys came down off the stage just outside of the security fence to shake hands and pose for the pictures. By this point everyone stood up and walked towards the fence. I was able to get a spot right up front and I got to shake Justin and Danny’s hands.

After the group pic they herded us upstairs to VIP merch and our final lounge. Since I was up front I was on on the tail end of the group going up and the merch line was 100+ long. I decided to skip it and go look for my phone. The lounge had a free buffet (carne asada, chicken, taco stuff). Food was great, free and plentiful. By the time I ate and collected my phone it was pretty much time for doors to open (6pm) so a few of us lined up at the exit to the lounge to charge the merch booths.” Tool’s emotional goodbye to fans onstage was revealed a week ago.