Jimmy Page Girlfriend Reveals Stunning Backside Photo


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has revealed a backside photo of himself and his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet on his social media to celebrate New Years. Jimmy Page recently discussed being disrespected on a plane with Robert Plant.

Page wrote, “Wishing everyone a happy new year with 2020 vision!⁣ The song ‘Happy New Year’ by Beverley Martyn, which I performed on, highlights the incredible playing of Nicky Hopkins on piano. ⁣This is another example of a session where I made up my own part on the day, and you can hear the Fuzzbox overdrive distortion pedal. ⁣

It was a remarkable session, at the time it was recorded I knew that she was a shining talent in the world of performance and songwriting. I recognised her when she came through the door, but I had no idea how talented she was. When you hear it, it says it all.⁣ ‘Happy New Year’ was the B-side to ‘Where The Good Times Are’ and this was produced by the late Denny Cordell on Deram Records.”

Tinasmith38 commented, “I learn something new about your work from your post almost weekly. I also love this photo!! #peaceful #love #2020.”

Guernicailoveu chimed in, “This is one of my favorite posts since it has two people I respect and love and who mean so much to me…my Guitar God @jimmypage and one of my favorite poets @scarlettzsabet ….beautiful photo! I hope the light is always shining brightly on you two beautiful people! #sirjimmypage #themaster.” Jimmy Page called out Robert Plant for pulling an Axl Rose a couple of weeks ago.