Jimmy Page Loses Fight With Pop Singer


Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams seem like two strange names to be feuding with one another based upon their musical ventures, and the truth is that the reason for their connection is even stranger (and showcasing the daily problems of multimillionaires).

The popstar won a feud against the Led Zeppelin guitarist that’s been going on for almost a decade, since he bought the mansion next door to Page.

After buying the property in 2013, Williams set his neighbor’s fury ablaze in 2015 after submitting construction plans that would result in a whole new underground floor for his house, completed with a pool, gym, and shower alcove.

However, Page soon claimed that the Take That singer’s expansion plans would endanger his 19th-century historic home, escalating the feud until personal grounds, when he called Williams “idiotic” and “tasteless”.

The popstar, on another hand, seemed to enjoy angering the legendary guitarist.

Robbie had stated: “I do know it makes a great story, and I’m really pleased, just for me, in general, for the rest of my life. I’m really pleased it’s Jimmy Page and not Jimmy the accountant.”

At the end of the day, the building council sided with Robbie Williams which made him very happy to win against such a huge name as Jimmy Page. The musician is already starting the work on his mansion, which will take a full year to have its “super basement” ready.

As of now, there have been no words since from Jimmy Page and it seems that the saga has ended with Robbie getting the last laugh in the matter. We will continue to follow the situation to see if Page ever does respond, but as of now, it seems like Jimmy Page would rather worry about other things than a situation such as this that are in the media today.

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