Jimmy Page Photographed With Four Hot Young Women


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared a photo of himself and John Paul Jones with four beautiful young women in Berlin at the Echo Awards.

“#OnThisDay in 2013, I went to Berlin in Germany to the Echo Awards. ⠀⠀
The first one of which was in 1992 held by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie and on this, the 21st anniversary, they kindly awarded @LedZeppelin the ‘International Lifetime Achievement Award’. This was the first time that any group had received this award.
During our stay, Warners Germany gave us the most amazing awards for the sales of Celebration Day where they had made large formats of the Shepard Fairey artwork in a 3D presentation with LED lights along the Thames embankment – I have to say it was pretty impressive.
The picture features the Cinderellas, John Paul Jones and myself.”

Page also recently posted, ““#OnThisDay in 1986, ‘One Hit (To the Body)’ was released on The Rolling Stones’ Dirty Work album.

@ronniewood had got in touch with me while I was staying at the Plaza Hotel in New York and invited me to come to the studio and lay down some guitar on a track of @officialkeef. I was really up for this idea as I had done some studio work before on a track playing with Keith at Ronnie’s studio at The Wick in Richmond, England.
Actually, the session was not for Keith’s album, it was for @therollingstones, and I overdubbed a number of solos over the track. I think it worked out pretty good. Keith kindly sent me a magnum of champagne after the session.”