Paul Stanley ‘Loses Voice’ Singing KISS Song In Bad Video


Paul Stanley was forced to cancel a KISS tour recently due to an illness, and he sounded worse for wear during a performance of “Rock And Roll All Night” at the Tokyo Dome earlier this week. Stanley definitely deserves respect for powering through the performance, despite clearly sounding like he is losing his voice around 4:00 in.

Paul Stanley was mocked for a ‘laughable’ KISS performance earlier this week. AliveCatman posted on about an unreleased KISS show in Tokyo, “AT LAST! Unreleased since 1977 and today coming to you. KISS A Rock in Roll Party in Tokyo. The Lost Alive II Movie! MERRY KISSMAS! The Lost Alive II concert synced the available video footage from the 1977 Japanese tour.”

AvidFan responded, “I work from home, so am clearing out my emails and have this running on the other screen at 7am with my first coffee of the day 🙂 Very cool. Gene’s jumps tho!”

WareWolf95 asked, “I’ve always been confused – isn’t the whole show released on KISSology 1? Why bother synching the shorter “Lost Alive II” with the footage?”

AliveCatman answered, “2 shows were filmed. The entire unedited show is on KISSology volume and is a tad dark. This edit combines several sources and syncs it to the Lost ALive II for a much better experience, and just for the fun factor.”

Red Yogurt Bath chimed in, “Well done! Your efforts are greatly enjoyed. Syncing the audio to this really makes a great viewing experience. Kind of an “enhanced reality” that the Alive albums portray.”

He added, “It’s amazing how closely they performed it, timing wise, down to the small vocal ad-libs. Did you have to work around many timing issues? Seems like Peter’s tempos were quite steady and not rushed. I always thought that about the early Japan shows. Peter was more focused and less adrenalized. Maybe this made it easier for the syncing. Certainly makes it nicer to listen to, vs. Houston 77 etc…” Alice Cooper revealed if Paul Stanley ‘scammed’ KISS fans a few days ago.