Jimmy Page Reacts To Being Accused Of Giving Famous Teen Drugs


Late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s son Jason claimed on The Howard Stern Show recently that Jimmy Page gave him cocaine in a hotel room when he was a teenager. He then issued this statement:

On or about 9 April 2019 I, Jason Bonham, gave an interview on radio with Howard Stern (the Interview). In that interview I made certain untrue and derogatory statements concerning Mr. James Page (aka Jimmy Page) of the legendary band Led Zeppelin.

I unconditionally retract all derogatory and defamatory comments relating to Mr. J Page that I made in that interview. In particular it is wholly untrue that Mr. J Page offered me any illegal substances either when I was a minor or at all. I apologize to Mr. Page, unreservedly, for making these unfounded and untrue comments about him. Out of my long held respect for Mr. Page I will make no further comments on the Interview and I agree to make no further comments which Mr. Page might view as disparaging, either now or in the future.

In a new Movie TV Tech Geeks interview, Page ‘shook his head’ when the controversy was brought up.

I mentioned this to Page, but he shook his head to signal that it wasn’t something he felt a need to comment in so rather than live in that past, we moved on to a much more interesting past…

Page also said that his guitar playing in Led Zeppelin was ahead of its time.

“I’d like to think that it was, because the first album, I sort of knew, as we were doing the tracks, exactly how I was going to layer everything and the textures of them…. There’s a variety of moods on ‘Led Zeppelin I.’ So, again, it was me challenging and pushing as far as I possibly could, not even thinking of my limitations, just going beyond, beyond, beyond.”