System of a Down Reveal Shelved Reunion Plans


Serj Tankian recently ranted about the pandemic pushing back System of a Down’s latest reunion plans.

He told Truth to Power, “The pandemic, like everyone else, it was devastating [for me] in many ways,” he continued. “I had 22 concerts with System, two film openings, two art installation openings — all got canceled. But I used the time to finish new music, which was good, as an artist. So we’re releasing this EP called ‘Elasticity’ with five rock songs on March 19th as part of that. And I have some other music coming up later in the year down the line.”

Shavo Odadijian recently discussed System of a Down’s new material and failure to move forward on Robb Flynn’s podcast.

Discussing the overwhelmingly positive reaction to “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz”, Shavo said (see video below): “To me, this is all bittersweet, because I think we can still do it, but because of misunderstandings [between] bandmembers, we’re not doing it. Look at us — we have a common cause. We get together, we do two songs, two videos.

“I’m that member that still everyone is like the best friend of mine, but they’re not best friends with each other so much,” he explained. “They are, but they have differences in opinions and stuff. I have a way of understanding each member and saying, ‘Dude, we can overcome this.’ It’s not that big of a deal — no one fucking banged anyone’s wife; no one did any of those things that can really destroy a relationship.

It’s just a difference in opinion of things. And I think people should be [able to] work it out. But because, I think, of what we had, I think it’s, like, some people are stuck in what we had and some people wanna move forward and not do what we had and do something totally different, which is wrong too. I don’t think we should do something totally different; I think we should do something that both agree [on]. And we’re having a hard time [agreeing on a direction], and that’s where we are.

“So, to me, it’s bittersweet, because I see everybody, and everyone’s, like, ‘We love Shavo.’ And I’m, like, ‘I love you,’ but then they can’t work together.”