Jimmy Page Reacts To Stunning Racism Accusations


Many fans were confused and upset when legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page recently posted a vintage live photo of himself wearing a Nazi style hat in 1977, but he has clarified that it is a Storm Trooper outfit, which was around prior to the Nazi Germany days.

“#OnThisDay in 1977, I debuted the Stormtrooper Outfit in Chicago.
This show was on an Easter Sunday, it was the first time I wore the Storm Trooper outfit, but not the last. Soon after this I began to alternate between the white poppy suit and the black dragon suit for shows. 📸 Neal Preston 1977.”

lemarpage commented:

Lol everyone acting like Pagey is Nazi. No one said anything when Lemmy collected Nazi memorabilia. Hell Paul Stanley wore a Nazi uniform with Ace. How fucking cool does he look as a stormtrooper

saintn1ck commented:

@talatiya222 The stormtroopers existed before the nazi regime. They were in the German empire during world war 1

saintn1ck commented:

@rystrat88 I’m not too sharp on where precisely the stormtroopers fell within the German military but there is a difference in morals between members of ss and members of the wehrmacht

rystrat88 commented:

@saintn1ck that might technically be true, but it’s semantics that are not really necessary. They all marched under the Nazi flag and agenda. Most people don’t know SS from Wehrmacht. But they know what an Eagle with a swastika under it is a symbol of. I understand the difference between being edgy in fashion and actually aligning with an ideal, but there are some things that if you are too close to the line, you may get some blowback. This is one of those things.