Billy Corgan Reacts To CNN Disrespecting Smashing Pumpkins


In a new Instagram story Q&A, Billy Corgan reacted to CNN snubbing The Smashing Pumpkins from most of their 90’s series.

A fan said, “I just watched CNN, the 90’s and I was very upset they only had a sound bite of you.”

Corgan responded, “It does not surprise me when certain media try to write us out of history or diminish our place in music.

If you haven’t noticed it’s what they do with routine precision to others if you are not in their snow globe world.”

Anderson Cooper mocked Billy Corgan for doing a magazine shoot with cats in 2014 on CNN, even though it was for a charitable cause. This led to Corgan selling ‘Fuck You Anderson Cooper’ shirts on Smashing Pumpkins tours.

In January 2017 on Mancow, Corgan ripped Cooper again, calling him ‘fake news’ and saying he ‘melted down’ in a debate with President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway.

“I once had a feud with Anderson Cooper, who ran fake news about me a few years back. I would recommend anyone to watch the clip from last night of Anderson Cooper taking on [Counselor to President Trump] Kellyanne Conway. He spent 7 minutes melting down, it’s one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen from a journalist, especially someone at his level who understands the game. He absolutely is melting down trying to pin her down, and it’s amazing watching the mainstream American media melt down before our eyes. It’s something I thought I’d never see.”

He also discussed taking a road trip around the country in that same interview that he was filming, which took place days before President Trump’s inauguration, though he didn’t mention Trump by name in his comments.

“There’s something going on right now in America, where the American spirit or character is reasserting itself around liberty. I think it’s an important time, and I’m trying to document that as an artist. If I just filter what I read through the media, which obviously yesterday was a watershed day with the media, if I just go through what I read through the media, I’m not really in touch with the world I grew up in. I know there’s a gap there, I talk to my relatives, I talk to people I meet traveling around, and their mind is on something completely different.”