Jimmy Page Reveals Young Actress He Slept With


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page discussed romancing young actress and poet Scarlett Sabet, who previously acted in Peep Show and Skins. Jimmy Page canceled the release date of a major project a few days ago.

Page wrote on social media, “On this day in 2013, I attended @scarlettzsabet’s poetry reading in London at the Worlds End Bookshop, where I had the opportunity to hear her read, recite and live her poems for the first time. ⁣⁣
Her character and charisma was unique and unlike any other poet I had witnessed. That night Scarlett delivered an extraordinary version of her poem Rocking Underground. The people attending the reading gave her a rousing response to this poem.

I knew from that poem and others she read that night that Scarlett was indeed a very special poet with so much already to offer. Scarlett went on to self publish her first collection of poems, it was called Rocking Underground and had many stand out poems such as Shackles and Unnatural Act.⁣⁣”
Jimmy Page revealed a big name who became reclusive last week. Page added, “My instinct was right. Her book sold very quickly and in fact Rocking Underground is now in its third edition. Similarly The Lock And The Key which featured Cut Up, Functioning and Euphoric Kiss, has proved to be a most popular follow-up volume with an exceptional response, it is also in its third edition.

The more recent Zoreh (with a remarkable photo by @scarletpage) has created a wave of enthusiasm from people who admire the strength of her poems as written on paper but also the power of her performance. Zoreh the third volume even eclipsed its predecessors with poems such as Fifth Circle of Hell, Armistice Day and Lilith in the Midheaven, that are bringing a new dimension to Scarlett’s talent. I’m looking forward to her future work.⁣⁣
You can purchase and listen to Catalyst, a spoken word poetry album performed by Scarlett and produced by me at Tower House, now from JimmyPage.com⁣.” Rush’s singer recently called out an awful Jimmy Page ripoff.