Paul McCartney Awful Onstage Health Scare Claim Leaks


In Paul McCartney news, a writer for the New Zealand-based outlet Stuff magazine posted a satire piece in which she attempted to impersonate Paul’s elegant and successful daughter, Stella McCartney. During so, she mentions a borderline-disrespectful remark about Sir Paul’s health onstage. Paul McCartney horrible Pink Floyd ‘confrontation’ revealed.

Look, of course, it’s helped, having a Beatle for a Dad. At 77 he’s still a total pop legend, even when he isn’t singing. It’s because of his collarless shirts, feathered highlights and dental veneers. He refuses to fade into irrelevance. He’s probably on stage right now, smashing out Hey Jude with an oxygen line running up his arm and a colostomy bag under his shirt. That’s a massive inspiration to me. Nobody tells Paul McCartney to sit down! Nobody tells Stella McCartney to shut up! Anyway, things were going gangbusters until this week. Meghan chose my halter neck gown for her wedding reception, and the world went bonkers for my clothes. Everyone wanted to interview me about my green credentials and what an amazeballs entrepreneur I am. I’m happy to talk to journalists, but NOT if they’ve eaten salami in the previous 24 hours because I can smell processed meat, even as it metabolises in another human body. That’s why I never take the Tube and only ride bareback around London.

In other news regarding Stella McCartney’s father, Paul McCartney, fans recently took to social media to discuss one of Sir Paul’s most landmark solo albums – McCartney II, originally released in 1980. One fan wrote: “It was worth it for me since I wanted all the outtakes and uncut versions (crazy as it may seem)! Nice photos: alternate album cover photos, the tape boxes, instruments used on each track, video behind the scenes shots, various studio shots of the gear used and instruments. Screen captures of the videos are kind of unnecessary as the videos are on the DVD. Nice interviews in print. DVD is pretty good with the videos and the vintage interview with Macca – hadn’t seen that before. All in all, very nice to have it all in a book form. Finally found out that the orchestration for Blue Sway was done in 1986 when Cold Cuts was still in the works. He says he worked on orchestrations for fourteen tracks, so, who knows what’s still in the can?” This Paul McCartney disturbing teen drug claim was revealed.

Paul McCartney’s wife reveals sad ‘overweight’ photo. The fan continues: “The outtakes are remixed and sound better than the bootlegs out there. The only thing that appeared edited was Bogey Wobble, which is about 20 seconds shorter. Comparing it to the boot, it looks like the intro was trimmed slightly (no great loss there)! Mr H Atom remix makes it a tad more listenable, too. Wonderful Christmastime is maybe thirty seconds longer. I still like the longer versions of Coming Up and Darkroom.”