Jimmy Page Horrible ‘Recluse’ Photo Revealed


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed a photo of a record he made with the ‘recluse’ Kathy Kirby on his social media on Friday. Robert Plant ‘spending the night’ with an A-list woman was revealed earlier this week.

“On this day in 1963, Kathy Kirby released Secret Love. ⁣This was one of the early sessions that I did where I was allowed to introduce my own riffs on top of a Charles Blackwell arrangement. This was an evening session at Decca Studio Number Two, West Hampstead, and she looked gorgeous and probably inspired my playing!

She also lived with a famous orchestra leader Ambrose, who was 40 years her senior! I am told that she became a recluse and lived in West London. In her will, she requested her ashes be scattered over Bert Ambrose’s grave.”

Jimmy Page revealed how Robert Plant was afraid to say hello to him a few days ago. “When I was at art college in 1963, I was asked to play on ‘Your Momma’s Out Of Town’ and ‘Somebody Told My Girl’ by Carter-Lewis and The Southerners and today sees the release of the single.

I had a free reign on the b-side of this and there had been a lot of interest in who the guitarist had been on this track – this was to open a tightly-closed door to the world of studio session musicians.

The photograph is from the promo shoot, outside the British Museum. On the left is drummer Viv Prince, who played with the Pretty Things on their early recordings.⁣

Also on this day in 1979, all nine of @LedZeppelin albums appeared in the @Billboard album chart, with the new ‘In Through the Out Door’ at No. 1.⁣”

underthephones recently posted on Reddit about Led Zeppelin’s growing popularity on YouTube, “Over the past year or so, there has been a spike in popularity of YouTubers making reaction/review videos for Led Zeppelin songs/albums. NoLifeShaq and SoulTrainBro are some of the first accounts I really saw get the ball rolling, followed by countless others who quickly attempted to start their own reactionary series based off the hype. Anthony Fantano even chimed in recently with a new installment of his discography-ranking series on Led Zeppelin.

It’s been cool to see, as a lot of people seem to be getting exposed to their music through these videos. On the flip side, people like us get to re-live the discovery through these YouTuber’s experiences; which has really been the best part about all of it. Most importantly it’s shown how well the music of Zeppelin has aged, as it continues to create buzz among younger audiences nearly 50 years later.” Robert Plant called out a ‘travesty’ he made with Jimmy Page a few days ago.