Jimmy Page Spotted With Mystery Women In Photo


Jimmy Page is one of the most legendary guitarists in the history of rock and roll. Most recently, Page would be recently spotted with this A-list actress but here, Page would take to social media via Instagram to post this throwback photo where he would be spotted with not one but two Brazillian beauties during the time of the 2010 World Cup. Page would post a lengthy caption that read the following.

“On this day in 2010, I was in Rio where I would be getting an injection of high voltage Samba at the percussive samba schools of Mangueira, Portela, and Beija Flor 🇧🇷. During this period, I had a showcase that coincided with the build-up to a World Cup football match being projected on an adjacent wall in the hall.”

Page would continue: “The Brazilians are known for their passion for football and the same school’s percussion and dancers timed the conclusion to their mini-showcase admirably as the glances became more than anxious from those watching the screen, awaiting the kick-off.”

In other news concerning Jimmy Page, during his time as a member of The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page would record a radio commercial with the group for a product called ‘Great Shakes’, he would discuss that on his official Facebook and elude how he wished he had gotten Janis Joplin’s famous and iconic Mercedes Benz jingle and advert instead. Credit to Far Out Magazine for the below.

“During the recording at IBC Studios in London, I discovered what Great Shakes was all about because two American people appeared from the control room, one carrying a sachet in one hand and a glass of milk in the other.”

Page would elaborate: “The packet was torn and dispensed what appeared to be flavored granulated sugar,” he wrote, “and probably other ingredients. It was poured into the milk, stirred up, and offered around for everyone to drink. We needed to do this before we continued recording; this was de rigueur when it came to commercials and products.” And then ruefully, he added: “It’s a pity we hadn’t done a commercial for Mercedes.”