Jimmy Page Spotted With A-List Actress


Nine Inch Nails recently had a packed out show and fans were taking to the internet to talk about the amazing time that they had at the show. Not only did the band play their hits and have tons of energy, but there was also a very special somebody at the show as well to support Nine Inch Nails.

As posted on the Nine Inch Nails Instagram, the famous Jimmy Page was around for the latest Nine Inch Nails show along with Tilda Swinton. Fans immediately rushed to Reddit to talk about Jimmy Page being at the show as well.

One fan stated on Reddit: “Saw him go in the back door when I was arriving. Gary Numan (& Abe Fenton with wife and kids) and Tilda Swinton were on the floor for the show as well. Tilda can rock. Trent announced from stage Alan Moulder was in the crowd as well. Trent has good taste in celebrity friends.”

While it doesn’t seem that there was anything done on stage between Page and the band, some fans are still very hopeful that something will come out of this.

Another fan stated: “Would love to have Reznor and Page in the studio laying down hardcore jam tracks, miss the PHM/Downward Spiral era.”

This all could still be very possible as Nine Inch Nails have made a rendition of ‘Immigrant Song’ which is held as one of their best covers to date. Fans on Reddit joked about Jimmy Page being there to sue the band, but it looks more like he was invited to the show and showed up to support.

We will see if anything comes of this musically, but for now, it looks like this is just the band inviting one of their famous friends to enjoy a show with the fans for the night.