Jimmy Page Terrible Concert Rejection Revealed


Led Zeppelin were rejected from playing the iconic rock and roll venue Madison Square Garden due to Union issues in 1972, according to Jimmy Page. There is a silver lining though, as Led Zeppelin ended up playing their longest show ever at Nassau Coliseum instead.

“On this day in 1972, I played with Led Zeppelin at Nassau Coliseum in New York. I believe we would have played this venue because there were Union issues at Madison Square Garden at this time. This is reputed to be Led Zeppelin’s longest show; coming in at four and a half hours. If that’s correct, there may well have been some Union issues at the Nassau Coliseum that night!⁣”

Page also recently wrote about one of his earlier releases in his career, before his Led Zeppelin days.

“On this day in 1963, ‘Sweet and Tender Romance’ was released. ⁣

The original release by Carter Lewis & The Southerners was to be re-recorded by a host of artists including Dave Berry and PJ Proby and I played on most of them. One by The McKinleys came out in 1964 and The Bangles also covered this version.⁣

Photo by Philip Townsend: ©️Mark and Colleen Hayward/Getty Images, 1963: JP, Ken Lewis, John Carter and Viv Prince outside the British Museum in London.”