Greta Van Fleet Girlfriend Reveals Emotional Video


The Greta Van Fleet fan account recently posted the most bizarre video clip. The account, joshkiszkaownsme posted a short black and white snippet video of Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka using his girlfriend’s leg and foot, or what we could only imagine is his girlfriend’s foot, as a microphone to which he lip-syncs the vintage song ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ by Grand Funk Railroad. You can view it below.Greta Van Fleet accused of ‘fake’ vocals by rock icon.

In other news revolving Greta Van Fleet, a fan via the group’s official subreddit a first time Greta Van Fleet listener gave their experience and opinions about the band. Greta Van Fleet’s massive bill at a bar was recently revealed.

As Trapgat wrote: ” A year ago, I never heard of GvF. Someone I worked with tipped me… Shortly after (like a week or so) the new album came out. I loved both albums. Shortly after I bought tickets to go see them in February. Sadly one of the bandmembers got ill, it was postponed. Till November 12th, today! Holy potatoes, the show was awesome. It feels like Led Zeppelin with some extravagant Queen aspects. I was amazed by how well GvF performed live. Hands down the best concert I’ve been to last year (including Muse, Foo Fighters, Mumford and Sons, Editors, etc). Thank you guys, keep up the good work and enjoy the caviar and champagne tonight”

To which Stormbernard replied “Hmm honestly, as much as I love GVF, I was a little disappointed in them tonight. I saw them last year too, in a much smaller venue, and I have to say they were a LOT better back then. Honestly, they just seemed quite lackluster today. Last year was so much more energetic and enthusiastic… also, the sound quality was pretty bad tonight in my opinion. But hey, maybe I was just spoiled a little too much last year haha.”

Nosferatyou_draws responded to this by saying: “They have been on a nonstop tour since like May but I could be wrong. Either way their management has been pushing shows on them left and right. A lot of fans have noticed that they just seem exhausted recently.” Greta Van Fleet’s mother made a stunning alcohol claim recently..