Joe Biden Granddaughter Pool Swimsuit Photo Leaks


It must be odd to be the relative of a president. No matter which side you stand on, you always will catch some kind of grief for being related to whoever it is that is the president at the time in which you are related to. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Naomi Biden who is the granddaughter of Joe Biden.

Naomi Biden recently took to Instagram to put up a photo of herself in a pool. The comments flooded with praise towards her and she is also verified on the platform, which was a bit shocking to find out considering that I never realized that relatives of celebrities could be verified.

This lead me down a bit of a rabbit hole of what Naomi Biden has done, and honestly, it’s a lot. Not only is Naomi very accomplished, but she’s also an inventor. She invented an online tool to help others with the CARES act, and she also is very family oriented which is always great to see.

That all said, Joe Biden is about to turn 80 and with so much surrounding his age, it does not look like the president will be in for a big celebration. In fact, the White House and the Biden family look to be keeping everything pretty low key for his upcoming celebration.

For now, it seems the plan is likely to downplay the birthday and simply focus on the work, according to those familiar with the discussions. With Joe already being the oldest person ever to sit in the presidential chair – there’s much that people have been saying. If he were to get re-elected, we would be looking at Joe Biden being 86 by the time his presidential career is over.