Rage Against The Machine Reunion ‘Banned’ By Big Name


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has confirmed RATM will not be playing in China on their reunion tour, as he told a hater who criticized him for his protest methods that he is not allowed to perform in China. Morello tweeted, “Ur an idiot. I’m banned from playing in China. #factcheck.”

Some fans are disappointed on Reddit about the Rage Against The Machine reunion leading to the breakup of Prophets of Rage.

brandON-brandOFF posted on Reddit, “So in case any one hasn’t heard yet; Rage Against the Machine has confirmed dates for a 2020 reunion tour. Tied in with this is the announcement that Prophets is disbanding. I can see why they are doing this, but to me POR is a completely different band than RATM. I think they could continue forward, Prophets has a big enough catalogue of original music. Also I believe that we all know there is not going to be a true reunion of Rage again, ever (but I’d love to be proven wrong!)”

Matthew_Geddy_Kerr responded, “Of course seeing Prophets live wasn’t the same thing as seeing THE REAL DEAL, it’s obviously not the same thing with them ‘filling in for Zack’s shoes’… I mean, their originals are great, they sing well on them and everything, but they always sounded fairly ridiculous when singing the old tracks.

I know this is very (VEEERY) assumed, but no one has/will ever have the same power and style Zack had (has?), it’s pretty inimitable if you ask me (or anyone really haha).”

ndizzle13 chimed in, “POR is Rage Lite (at best). The top song they made was hail to the chief. Most songs come as trying too hard and seriously lack authenticity. With all that said, I applaud them for completing their mission of keeping Rage alive and clearing the way for Zack.” Zack de la Rocha having a girlfriend was revealed by a surprising name earlier this week.