Joe Rogan Calls Out Josh Homme For His ‘Bullshit’


Joe Rogan and Tom Segura discussed Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme kicking photographer Chelsea Lauren during a December 2017 live performance on a new Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Joe Rogan: Did you see that thing with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age? Kicking somebody in the face?

Tom Segura: Oh yes, the photographer

Joe: What in the fuck was going on

Tom: Apparently the later story was that her flash was really fucking bothering everybody.

Joe: Oh was it?

Tom: She wasn’t supposed to have a flash going, but that was not okay the way that shit went down man.

Joe: Yeah, you’re supposed to go, ‘Hey lady, turn the fucking flash off.’

Tom: Wasn’t part of his thing that he was trying to kick the camera, but he kicked her in the head or something?

Joe: He said he was kicking equipment around, and he accidentally kicked her, he made a bunch of bullshit excuses.

Tom: Its super deliberate you can see it.

Joe: Super! he kicked her in the face! the camera is right here, he kicks it the camera, and it hits her in the mug.

Tom: He fucked her up.

Joe: In his defense though, he might have been super frustrated if that was the case, that someone was flashing in front of his face over and over again.

Tom: By the way, i can totally see losing your shit onstage, i think it’s happened to everybody, but it’s not okay.

Joe: Kicking someone? i can see saying something.

Tom: I’ve wanted to kick someone, for sure, over the course of a career.