John Frusciante Reveals Truth About Pearl Jam


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante suggested that Nirvana had more ‘heavy magic’ than Pearl Jam in a new Howard Stern Show interview.

“I remember just feeling like – [Nirvana and Pearl Jam are both] good bands, but Nirvana, they were really carrying a heavy magic with them, feeling like they are a powerful entity to be respected when we were playing together. And, you know in ’88-’89, when we were still playing in clubs, it really felt like a life-or-death thing, we had to succeed at what we were doing – not just commercially, but our shows had to have an energy, our shows had to move people, people had to be dancing… Our styles were in large part developed because we put ourselves under that pressure of wanting to be good.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Frusciante’s comments. RHCP just released ‘Unlimited Love’ their comeback album with Frusciante, featuring some new vocal styles from Anthony Kiedis, as Aeon1508 pointed out on Reddit.

“You have to stop trying to understand what Anthony is literally saying and feel it.

He’s always been the Monet of lyricists. Looks like random dots up close but its beautiful when you back out. He uses lyrical impressionism.

Hes been taking it even more to the extreme in the last decade but on this album it’s complete over load. Most of here ever after might as well be that Italian guy who sings that gibberish song that’s supposed to be what English rock and roll sounds like to a non english speaker.

Anthony is just trying to do something completely different. He said in one recent interview something to the effect of “I dont want to say anything that’s been said before”

He also said that the lyrics were almost completely unedited this time. He just said words that he thought fit with the song. The words are nothing but different sounds that he can make with his mouth at this point. His vocals on this album are like a 4th instrument using syntax as a tool the same way john uses a distortion pedal. He even experimented with different accents this time like in black summer.”