Gene Simmons Wife Films Beautiful Bedroom Video


KISS icon Gene Simmons is celebrating his 70th birthday this weekend, and while it’s a very special day for him, he still found time to be a great husband to his wife Shannon Tweed Simmons. Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons recently uploaded cowgirl photo.

Shannon posted a video of a bedroom full of flowers, writing, “Someone still likes me? #flowers #love #husbandandwife.”

Gene responded, “’Like’ isn’t the word…’LOVE’ is the word.”

Sterling Golden tweeted Simmons, “So many @genesimmons memories come to mind this weekend ahead of his birthday. This art was rendered by @ArtistEriFeminoas part of a music history mural @soniamideast. I suggested Gene’s inclusion to Erica, and why not? Gene’s the most recognizable Demon in music + pop culture.”

Gene shot back, “Thanks. But, what is this and where is it?”

Golden then explained, “Hello Gene and Happy Birthday 🎂 @soniamideast is a concert venue and nightclub in Cambridge, Massachusetts. What you’re seeing is part of a music history mural by Erica Femino. You are part of it with David Bowie, Notorious B.I.G., Elton John and others. Amazing work by Erica!”

Gene Simmons revealed a horrible John Lennon secret earlier this week. Simmons also recently posted, “CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Standing with you, Chris…Any husband and father would have done the same thing to protect his family. 🇺🇸.”

He wrote as well, “Proud to have had breakfast with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and his wonderful mother. A good man.”