John Lennon ‘Breaking Up’ With Yoko Ono Finally Revealed


A new feature on the official website of the late icon for the Beatles, John Lennon explains how Lennon who was estranged from his wife, Yoko Ono at the time had set up to meet her during what would be his last big concert appearance before passing away. The result would ultimately have one of the happiest endings imaginable. John Lennon last concert ‘meltdown’ revealed.

This was John Lennon’s last major concert appearance, but his appearance has an interesting coda. At this time John was estranged from his wife Yoko, but he had arranged for tickets to be sent to her. Yoko, for her part, sent orchids to her husband and Elton, which they both wore onstage. John and Yoko nervously met backstage after the show and then fully resumed their relationship in February 1975. In a lovely footnote to the story, as a result of working together, and becoming friends, John and Yoko asked Elton to be Sean’s godfather following his birth in October 1975.

John Lennon’s sister recently made this creepy false The Rolling Stones claim. In other news regarding John Lennon and his iconic group, fans took to the subreddit of the ‘fab four’ to praise the band’s sixth studio album, ‘Rubber Soul’ which was released back in 1965.  The album had its most recent anniversary.

Kingofstormandfire said: “Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album. This and Revolver are in my top ten favorite albums of all time. It’s a stupidly good album filled with amazing songs: “Drive My Car”, “Norwegian Wood”, “Girl”, “You Won’t See Me”, “Michelle”, “The Word”, “I’m Looking Through You”, “If I Needed Someone”, “Nowhere Man” and of course the brilliant and greatest “In My Life”.

While PaperVinnie53 put “Always been my favorite. The perfect middle ground of their discography in my opinion, it has the perfect balance between skiffle pop and psychedelic flavorings. Lennon was also clearly maturing as a writer at the time, and Paul was writing some of his best pop songs. A John Lennon sad ‘apology’ before dying was just revealed.