John Lennon Sister Makes Creepy The Rolling Stones Claim


The sister of the Beatles icon John Lennon, Julia Baird spoke to UK based outlet Liverpool Echo to discuss the life and times of her brother. Here, the Beatles sister reveals how even though she was too young to experience her brother, John Lennon’s band, she did get to experience quite a satisfactory concert revolving the Rolling Stones at Finsbury Park Astoria in London, England, and a tainted popular soft-drink. A John Lennon sad ‘apology’ before dying was just revealed.

The Lennon sibling said: “The Rolling Stones were in the dressing room so we knew they were really famous. Everyone was drinking Coca Cola – so we thought. Theirs was laced, ours wasn’t. We went on the stage and I wanted to go down to the four rows at the front that were completely empty. But when she asked John, he at first said no before reluctantly agreeing.”

Julia continued: “So Jackie, and I jumped off the side of the stage. The curtains closed. They were all behind getting ready “We’re sitting there and the curtain comes up and John’s doing his She Love’s You bit, bouncing up and down. And everyone from the back appeared at the front.”Security arrived and John said “Get the girls”.

The Lennon sister concluded: “We were hauled ignominiously back onto the stage and under the curtain, and John’s still singing. He said, ‘I told you so’.”

In other news revolving John Lennon and the Beatles, with the holiday shopping season upon us, fans of ‘the Fab Four’ took to social media to quickly review the latest offering for the John Lennon and Beatles fan in your life this season – The Singles Collection.  John Lennon used heroin with A-list singer.

A fan recently reviewed: “Everything about this is incredibly well made, no surprise really. Apple has always charged a fairly high price for their, shall we say constant releases. Regardless of how much they milk the cash cow they always do it with the utmost quality, this one is certainly no different. The case that houses the records is nice and sturdy, the sleeves are fantastic quality, none were bent or had creases or really any imperfections of any sort. Howard Stern recently revealed who almost stopped John Lennon killer.

The reviewer continued: “The inner sleeves were also free of any imperfections and are polylined which is very nice to see. The records themselves are in perfect shape as well as the labels.  The sound is naturally immaculate as well, super clean while still sounding rich and sounding like a proper tape master. Mastered from the original single mixes. All in mono with the exception of “The Ballad of John and Yoko,” “Old Brown Shoe,” “Something,” “Come Together,” “Let it Be,” “Free As a Bird,” and “Real Love.” Presumably, these were originally mastered in stereo as stereo was the standard by the time they were all released. Spectacular release that will not disappoint!”

You can read the rest of the interview HERE.