John Lennon Brutal Shot At Paul McCartney Wife Revealed


John Lennon‘s Instagram page revealed a rare quote from Lennon about his feud with Paul McCartney when he was threatening to quit The Beatles, and despite McCartney already being in a relationship with his future wife Linda, John appeared to think he had ‘nothing.’ Lennon made the remarks when discussing the song “Glass Onion.” Lennon’s family recently made a bold AIDS claim.

“That’s me, just doing a throwaway song, you know, à-la-‘Walrus’, à-la-everything-I’ve-ever-written. I’m throwing the line in ‘the Walrus was Paul’ there, just to confuse everybody a bit more and because I felt slightly guilty, because I’d got Yoko and he’d got nothing and I was going to quit.

And so I thought ‘Walrus’ has now got to be me, meaning ‘I am the one’. Only it didn’t mean that in the song. The reason is, it could’ve been ‘I’m the fox terrier’, you know? I mean, it’s just a bit of poetry. So it was just thrown in like that.”⠀

Paul McCartney recently revealed how he ended fights with John Lennon and George Harrison. Another recent Lennon post stated, “John experimenting with a Moog synthesiser at EMI Studios on 8th August 1969. He would use it to generate the white noise that continually fades up on the outro of ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ and the synth solo in ‘Because’.”⠀