Robert Plant ‘Furious’ With Led Zeppelin Breakup


Robert Plant discussed being ‘frustrated’ in Led Zeppelin as the band approached its end, which was sadly decided suddenly after the death of John Bonham. Jimmy Page revealed a stunning offer Robert Plant turned down a few days ago.

“Being in a band like Led Zep was tremendous,” Plant told Uncut magazine in their January 2020 issue, “but also quite frustrating because you were in it and it was a democracy.”

“It worked when it worked,” he then adds, “and it didn’t work when it didn’t work.”

Robert Plant revealed a big name disrespected him in a bathroom last week. Jimmy Page wrote about a reunion interview with Robert Plant on his social media account on Sunday, “On this day in 1994, I appeared with Robert Plant on the Andrew Denton Show on the Seven Network in Australia during the ’round the world’ promo for Unledded.⁣

Andrew Denton was a very bright man and on his previous award winning series ‘The Money or the Gun’ each of the 26 shows had a special guest invited to do anything they wanted providing it was ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and consequently ‘Stairway’ moved into the genres of Opera, The Beatles, The Doors, theatrical monologue and The B52s etc etc. ⁣

You may now get the idea of Denton’s masterplan. It was an amusing idea and good to be on his show to share the humour.”

Page also recently announced, “Whole Lotta Greek. Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes. Live At The Greek. 20th Anniversary remastered 180G audiophile 3-LP vinyl edition, out now!” Robert Plant revealed a massive Led Zeppelin reunion tour offer a couple weeks ago.