Keith Richards Makes Disturbing John Lennon Revelation


The Rolling Stones played with The Beatles icon John Lennon at the Rock and Roll Circus show on December 11, 1968, and it wasn’t officially released in 1996. It was billed as The Rolling Stones’ show, but Keith Richards thought The Who ought to have been the top band after being unhappy with their performance. Richards’ daughter recently made a bold Ronnie Wood announcement.

Keith Richards said, “It was two days of total mayhem. And at the end, when it finished, we thought it was a bummer for a while, you know? We just thought it had been rushed too much, that we should have spent more time on it, and we should have…

It was only later on that we started to look at it and realise that it had more to it than just the actual performances and what was happening, that it was like a special event. That is, a unique bunch of people getting together and doing something they don’t usually do.”

John Lennon’s widow recently revealed what Keith Richards did for her. You can read the full retrospective at NME.

Keith Richards discussed a heart attack killing legendary musician Dr. John in a new Toronto Sun interview.

“I’m so sad — Mac Rebennack,” said Richards, using Dr. John’s real name.

“We often played together a few times, many years ago now. We always had a great time. He liked to have a great time and so do I.”

Richards recently reissued his 1988 solo album Talk is Cheap, partially recorded in Le Studio in Morin Heights, Que., to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

“That was great because that was mostly a Canadian piece of work,” he said. “I never expected to sort of see a 30-year-old record come out again. And they did a great job on it so I was very, very happy about it.”