John Travolta Kisses Motley Crue Icon In Photo


Tommy Lee is very well connected within the world of both music and Hollywood entertainment. Many of Tommy Lee’s friends tend to come from other bands and those who grace the big screen in theatres. Recently, with Tommy Lee a bit under the weather due to having his ribs broken from falling down some stairs; Tommy has been looking in the direction of his friends to lift his spirits. Recently, Tommy Lee was able to connect again with a huge star who he is very glad to call his friend.

In a recent Instagram post by Tommy Lee, we saw Tommy Lee giving a huge hug and a kiss to none other than John Travolta who has been friends with the drummer for many years. Within the post, it seems that Tommy Lee was very thankful to John for bringing some positivity in a rough time for Tommy Lee. Even though Tommy has been able to partially play a set, it’s very clear that he wishes that he could do more than he is currently capable of.

Also in the post, Tommy Lee points out that that John Travolta was at the most recent (at the time of this post) Motley Crue show to show his support for Tommy Lee and the rest of the legendary band. The photo is truly a sight to look at as both Tommy Lee and John Travolta seem extremely happy to see one another and it’s very apparent by the way that Tommy is simply hanging onto Travolta. John seems obliged and grateful to see his good friend again as well.

For more information on the meeting of the two, you can check out the photo in which was posted to Tommy Lee’s Instagram below which currently is getting flooded with likes and comments.