Johnny Depp Spends Insane Money On Guitar


There is eccentric and then there is Johnny Depp. In a new report coming out today it was revealed that the actor turned musician recently decided to take an impromptu helicopter trip – to buy an antique guitar. But where did Johnny fly to exactly?

According to a report made by Ultimate Guitar, Johnny Depp made quite the entrance at a recent guitar shopping trip.

The former “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor popped up at the Hemswell Antique Center in Hemswell Cliff, UK, via helicopter, to the shock and amazement of the staff, as reported by Guitar World.

Last Friday, March 3, the year of our Lord 2023, the store employees were informed that a special guest would be paying the shop a visit, which turned out to be organized by the store managers and Pinewood Studios.

Depp, who arrived in a helicopter to avoid public scrutiny, went on to reportedly buy 3 guitars for his antique collection. Store owner Robert Miller said of the experience:

“He was very friendly with, best friends with Jeff Beck, he sat and played a few tunes on this guitar I think just for old times’ sake really and then decided to buy three of the guitars that were there.”