Pearl Jam ‘Canceling’ 2020 Tour Bombshell Revealed


Pearl Jam‘s rumored original plan to begin their long awaited and discussed summer 2020 European tour, which was leaked yesterday on an official website, at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam has been canceled, with Amsterdam now poised to be the end of the tour. A show in talks in Prague will also supposedly not happen, with a second German show instead, according to insider Dimitrispearljam on the Pearl Jam Ten Club forums.

D.Frank said, “According to a ‘source’ another German show, beside Berlin, should take place in Frankfurt at the very beginning of the tour. I have no concrete date. The info is a few weeks old and maybe plans have changed!?”

Dimitrispearl jam responded, “That’s the change supposed to happens (with Amsterdam moved to the back of tour after Paris) and as it seems, Prague might be out with that change. We wait to see the final result.”

He also said, “If the Amsterdam/Pinkpop change happens, seems we start on 23rd. Think most likely second German gets the Prague date, and Ziggo gets 2 shows in the end of tour. I don’t see how the rest of shows will change..seems all the rest stays as planned.” He wrote as well, “The plan had Berlin on 25th.”

CB254133 asked, “‘had’? Trying to stop myself jumping on every rumor crumb but proving to difficult! at least my hotel is refundable!”

Dimitrispearljam responded, “Yes, had..if something changes last minute I don’t know, I doubt it, cause 24 and 26 are traveling days.” A Pearl Jam Saturday Night Live rumor surfaced a few days ago.