Josh Frusciante Teases New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album


Red Hot Chili Peppers have shared a new teaser video showing some of the gear guitarist John Frusciante is using on the new album, his first with RHCP since 2006’s Stadium Arcadium, which features a big name producer.

Matheus Penna Ferreira commented, “Man, I still can’t believe my eyes John is using the new version of the WH10… Better hurry up and buy one while Ibanez is still making them. P.S.: I think they will not continue manufacturing for too long.”

DJ92 wrote, “The grey pedal in John’s pedalboard looks like a boss fz-3, maybe?” Sydneylol added, “I was thinking the same. Too blurry to see clearly, but it’d be amazing if he’s bringing it back.”

Mauricio Diaz said, “Fz3 or ge7. Both have the same enclosure. The most important thing is that John continues using those classic pedals that represents the classic RHCP sound.”

Lillian Spears chimed in, “Feel like they’re teasing us I feel like they’re teasing us but right on I’m so glad they’re in the studio again and John’s back and this animal is going to rock hard brothers and sisters so let’s get ready to jam.”

Mauricio Diaz concluded, “Chad changed his snare size since Josh joined the group. It’s great to see John caring about the classic RHCP drum sound in which the snare drum is 90% of. I hope he returned to the flat snare from the 90’s.”