Josh Homme Makes Huge Them Crooked Vultures Announcement


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has announced that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl will appear on The Alligator Hour on Apple Music’s Beats 1 this weekend. Below is a preview, where Josh and Dave reveal they are in the room they worked on the Them Crooked Vultures album a decade ago.

Dave: I haven’t been in this room since … it’s been a long time. since we did Vultures stuff.

Josh: Yeah, you did some Queens stuff here.

Dave: Oh yeah, that’s right. That record-

Josh: Clockwork.

Josh: Yeah, we played on a lot of records together, you and I.

Dave: We did.

Josh: Like a lot now, it’s a lot.

Dave: Sound City record, Queens records. Vultures records.

Josh: Haven’t done any Desert Sessions yet.

Dave: I know I always want to, but it’s just-

Josh: I just don’t want you to.

Dave: Well, maybe I haven’t been invited. That’s what it is. Shoot. Dang it.

Josh: No, but I think it’s eight or nine records now.

Dave: It is really?

Josh: It’s something like that.

Dave: Holy crap!

Josh: It goes back a long way.

Dave: Yeah it does.

Josh: I think I met you when I was 19 maybe?

Dave: Do you remember the time you were coming back from Hawaii, and we bumped into each other at a baggage claim? 1996 or something like that?

Josh: I remember the off-ramp in Seattle. No, I think I met you once before at Pete’s house.

Dave: Oh really?

Josh: Yeah, for two seconds. Honestly, I think it was before you went up to Seattle. You know in Chandler, where we just came up, there was this Michoacan little taco place. That’s the other picture that’s in there too. That’s right around the corner, ’cause … Pete Stahl, we’re talking about, folks.

Dave: This is Pete Stahl. He was the singer of my band, Scream, before I joined Nirvana.

Dave: … the guy that gave me the Blues for the Red Sun, Kyuss record.
John: Yeah, in fact, we used to call it the best tour that no one ever saw was Wool, Kyuss, and the Obsessed.

Dave: That was a good show. I just remember at the off-ramp in Seattle watching you guys.

Josh: It was the only show where there was any people there.

Dave: I hadn’t even heard the record yet, I don’t think. I remember Nick, the bass player, had no shirt on, sweat pants that hadn’t been washed in a long time.

Josh: It looked like he stopped suddenly.

Dave: High-tops and really long hair. He had really long hair.

Josh: Yeah he did back then.

Dave: He just looked so gross, and your drummer really looked like Bill Ward. It was weird. I remember John would sing and then just sit down as you guys played for another 15 minutes. It was awesome. It was pretty amazing.

Josh: That’s funny.

Dave: Yeah, it was a good show.

Dave: That was almost 30 years ago. 1992. That was 28 years ago.

Josh: Oh my God. Wow! That’s how long we’ve known each other.

Dave: Yeah, that’s crazy.