Josh Homme Reveals Dave Grohl’s Personal Tragedies


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme joined Zane Lowe in-studio on Apple Music 1 to discuss the band’s return and new album ‘In Times New Roman…’ due out later this week. He tells Apple Music about leaping out of darkness to kick the band back into gear, making an album “completely about acceptance”, his new mantra and the philosophy of the band, and writing his most emotionally honest lyrics to date. He discussed deaths in his life, and also Dave Grohl losing his mother and Taylor Hawkins.

“I try to get lost in the moment because I know it’s fleeting, and the past is the past, and five minutes from now is always five minutes from now. And at times I’ve gotten too immersed in the moment where I have it’s been ultimately maybe selfish because I’m just so where I am, not thinking about anything. The blinders have stuck in the now. I love to appreciate what’s going on, and with so many people lost, I’m glad I got to appreciate those moments and I still get to love them. I still get to do that. I still get to love them, even though they’re not physically here, I still get that chance. So, I like talking about Mark, I like talking about Rio, I like talking about Tony, and for me, I like talking about Taylor, there’s 11 of them now in the last two years, but that’s okay because I still get to love him and that will have to do.”

He added about Dave Grohl’s tragedies, “I love Dave so much and he’s been through so much too. And everyone goes through all this stuff but to go through it, even as terrible as some of it is, you go through it at the same time, it’s good to have … Because that tells me we’re growing together naturally in the same direction. I guess I just value that stuff.”