Josh Homme Reveals He Died In ‘F*cked Up Way’ And Knee Surgery Story Was A Lie


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme was asked in a recent Mojo magazine interview about how he died briefly in 2010 before being revived. Homme admitted that the story that it was due to a knee surgery is not true.

“It wasn’t knee surgery – I’ll put it at that. I never said there was a knee surgery. It may have been our publicist. I don’t like talking about how I got there. I got there. And it wasn’t the surgery that fucked me up, it was afterwards because I was committed to a bed, I couldn’t move, and I was contagious. For three months I couldn’t touch anybody.

My daughter was young and I had to yell to keep her away. By the end of that, I wasn’t very happy. I was desperate for another story to tell about that record. But lyrically the records are a diary of a lifetime. So they have to be real or I’m out. Also, the guys were wanting to do a record and I did not. It was actually Brody – she just talked to me.

I imagine I was not the greatest person to be around, so she was like, ‘Please go out in the garage and play some music…!’ I came back in with The Vampyre of Time and Memory and said, ‘Nobody will ever want to hear this.’ One thing I know for sure is that of all the different styles of complaint, a successful musician complaining is the worst!”

Homme told NME in 2011, “I had an operation and died and survived on the table,” he said. “I had surgery on my leg and there were complications and I died on the table. I was in bed for three months.”