Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer Reveals Song He Hated Playing


Ex-Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese recently answered some fan questions on Facebook, including his least favorite Pearl Jam song to perform live.

I always wondered why you switched from Ludwig in the early years…. to DW..
I assumed it was because of endorsement.. or was it personal taste in sound/tuning?

I loved them Ludwig tubs! 26, 15, 16, 18. Slamming! They were my sound. It wasnt an endorsement deal…DW didnt do endorsement deals…no pay to play company… They offered support to everyone that purchased their kits . I switched because the sound in my head changed and DW produced that sound. My loyalty is to my craft first and foremost. The DW folks became family to me. John, Chris, Don, and Mr. Louie Garcia. Wonderful people. There came a time that I ordered a new kit from them and it showed up ‘no charge’. I wept. Still remains one of my proudest moments. The Ludwigs made it onto the singles soundtrack. The Evenflow rerecording. Dirty Frank. Rats. WMA, Rearviewmirror.

What are/were you favourite and least favourite songs to play?

Least favorite was “Leash”

When you were doing PJ unplugged what was the tracksuit/clothing you were wearing?

Rat Sound

My 10 year old just started drum lessons and seems to enjoy. What advice would you give anyone just starting out with drums?

Remember to be patient and enjoy the process of discovery!

Have you ever considered going down a different path in your life? I’m speaking occupation wise. I’ve seen where some musicians over the years just switch gears and leave the industry and then return years later to being a musician.

I have shifted gears now and then… I am a drummer. Thats just how its is.

Who have you sat in with either live or in studio that you thought “man I can’t believe I’m sitting in with this person.”

Yes. Rodger Hodgson of Supertramp fame.