Josh Homme Reveals Why He Never ‘Judged’ Legendary Grunge Singer’s ‘Troubles’


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme discussed his time in the Screaming Trees and Mark Lanegan in a recent Mojo magazine interview.

“I got along with each of them individually, and they did not get along with themselves. They had trouble communicating, which I didn’t have. They had trouble listening to each other, which I didn’t have. I got along with Lanegan, who was in a very interesting state at that time.”

The interviewer added, “Lanegan described that band as: ‘Like prison. Without the sex.’”

Homme responded, “Hahahaha! But see, that’s why I had no choice…All I wanted to do was listen comments like that. I don’t mind if it’s awful so long as we can giggle. The rowboat to hell can be wonderful ’til you reach the destination.

Lanegan and I were inseparable. We understood each other, and didn’t judge each other. Cos I don’t know what anyone else should do and I never have. I thought, ‘He’s an individual. He’s got troubles. He shouldn’t probably do that, but he’s an adult, what the fuck am I doing?’”