Top 10 Alternative Nation Stories Of 2017


This year was an eventful year news wise in rock, unfortunately for tragic reasons. Below are the top ten highest read Alternative Nation stories of 2017.

10. Billy Corgan Reacts To Howard Stern Saying Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington ‘Threw In The Towel’

Page views: 67,074

9. Eddie Vedder Performing On Street Outside Wrigley Field Is Incredible

Page views: 67,090

8. Famous Rapper Dies Taking Drugs Similar To Chris Cornell, Releases Death Video

Page views: 67,349

7. 10 Reasons Why Kurt Cobain Wasn’t Murdered

Page views: 68,645

6. Marilyn Manson Bandmate Believes Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell ‘Punished’ Others

Page views: 69,172

5. Heartbreaking Photos Of Chester Bennington’s Bandmates & Famous Friends At Funeral

Page views: 69,627

4. Linkin Park Member’s Wife Emotionally Reveals ‘Only Thing To Blame’ For Chester Bennington’s Death

Page views: 70,987

3. MTV Disrespects Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell At VMA’s

Page views: 143,003

2. Chris Cornell’s Mother-In-Law Criticizes Eddie Vedder, Claims He Won’t Attend Memorial

Page views: 152,520

1. Tom Petty’s Daughter Attacks Rolling Stone: ‘My Dad Isn’t Dead, F*ck You!’

Page views: 265,263