Josh Homme Reveals How He Predicted Iconic Grunge Singer ‘Wasn’t Gonna Live Much Longer’


Josh Homme discussed past drug use in Queens of the Stone Age in a recent Mojo interview when asked if “Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” described the band at the time.

“It was way worse. It was dangerous. It was… stupefying. Stupid-defying. (Laughs) And I was proud of it. And I knew that it would meet a wall. Because it had no choice. You cannot harness chaos. You can touch it and die, or touch it and live.”

He was asked when that lifestyle hit a wall.

“When the money showed up. I want to be there for my people that I’m close to, ‘cos that’s all you have, right? Your family, your friends. But sometimes I realize I’ve enabled people to go longer. When the money’s there, you stop communicating. Everyone I’ve let go should have been let go probably two years before. And I desperately tried to hang on to them.”

He also said he thought Mark Lanegan would die. Lanegan is also famous for fronting the Grunge band Screaming Trees.

“Yeah, and Mark’s too. Mark was not gonna live much longer. Nick [Oliveri] was doing things that had nothing to do with music. And I love Nick so much, so I won’t say what they are. I once did and it hurt too much. The only judgment I really can make is what I’m willing to live with. I don’t tell people how to be – this is about shepherding the weird.”