Josh Homme’s Review Of New Foo Fighters Album Will Surprise You


Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins discussed the band’s new album Concrete and Gold in a new BBC interview. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Taylor Hawkins said, “This is the record we’ve always wanted to make.”

Dave Grohl added, “I’ll tell you what, it is a record that I have been more excited for people to hear than any other record we’ve ever made. That’s the truth.”

Taylor Hawkins said, “I said this yesterday, every time we start a record, Dave goes, ‘Maybe we need to really get weird on this record. We got to get weird on this record.’ Then we always kind of pull back a little bit, ‘Oh, let’s just make a good rock and roll record.’ I think we got weird.”

“Josh Homme, our good mate from Queens of the Stone Age said, ‘You guys make a weird record.’ And he was stoked about it.”

Dave Grohl also discussed the meaning behind the album’s title Concrete and Gold.

“It’s also the title of the last song. There’s sort of a theme within the 11 songs that goes from beginning to end. This is sort of the resolve of the entire record, the chorus says, ‘I have an engine made of gold. Something so beautiful the world will never know.’ Then it says, ‘Our roots are stronger than you know, up through the concrete we will grow.”