Journey Guitarist In Legal Trouble For Fraud?


In all walks of life lawsuits happen, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in the multi-billion dollar industry of entertainment lawsuits are emphatically abound. Today, we are learning that the legendary band Journey are about to embark upon a journey involving a lawsuit. Let’s find out why…

According to Blabbermouth, Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain filed a mega lawsuit against Neal Schon. Jonathan is alleging that the guitarist caused over $1 million in personal expenses charged to the band’s shared American Express card, including $400,000 in a single month last year. Now that is absolutely reckless and disgusting. 

Cain’s allegations burst into the public realm more than two months after Schon filed a lawsuit against his longtime bandmate, contending that he was being denied access to the American Express card. So, who’s lying and who’s not? 

In a countersuit filed last week, Cain said that during the first one-month billing cycle, after Schon obtained the AMEX card, Schon charged more than $50,000 in personal expenses for the billing period ending September 15, 2021. For the one-month billing period ending January 15, 2022, Schon allegedly charged more than $100,000 of his personal expenses on the AMEX card. For the one-month billing period ending February 13, 2022, Schon allegedly charged approximately $30,000 of his personal expenses on the AMEX card. 

Goes to show – fame and fortune corrupt, and they are never satisfied.