Kanye West Reported To Los Angeles Police


Kanye West has been one of the most mentioned people on social media over the last year due to many of his shocking statements. Now, it seems that Ye has also been mentioned to the Los Angeles Police Department over 19,000 times as well.

It recently was revealed that The Los Angeles Police Department sent and received so many emails that mention Kanye West and Donda Academy in the last two years that they exceeded the maximum number of gigabytes their computers could search.

Between January 1, 2022 and November 4, 2022 — when Insider submitted a public records request — there were 19,155 emails that mentioned “Kanye West” or “Donda Academy” in the in-and-outboxes of LAPD employees, an LAPD records analyst told Insider.

An insider (per Insider) to this stated: “The query resulted in a file(s) that exceeds the maximum gigabyte that our system would allow to export; therefore, we are unable to search for and identify emails responsive to your request.”

It was said that the number of emails were at 19,155 in which Donda Academy, Ye’s private Christian school, was a focal point of many of the emails.

In October, after the resignation of the then-administrator Tamar Andrews, Donda Academy parents received an email that the school was abruptly closed.

Currently, there is not much context into what many of the emails said about Ye or if they led to anything specifically, but as stated above, most of the topics via the LAPD server were Donda Academy related. Surely, there were most likely emails referring to Ye as well due to his outlandish remarks on social media and constant inflammatory statements that very well could have led to a lot of issues that would put safety at risk.