Judge Makes Revelation About Kurt Cobain Autopsy


A Seattle area judge took conspiracy theorist Richard Lee to task for his disgusting request to have photos of Kurt Cobain’s deceased body released to the public, and his desire to take a look at the autopsy.

Yahoo reports:

[Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain] had the support of Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes, who said that while he regularly advocates for opening records to the public, he felt death scenes are “out-of-bounds. … No one should worry whether they’ll happen upon photos of a family member’s body as they scroll through their social media feed.”

What the court ruling said:

Lee was taken to task for a weak case; again he was representing himself, but the decision detailed the legal precedent that holds releasing death-scene images can violate the rights of family members. The judge also dismissed Lee’s requests to access a number of other confidential documents related to Cobain’s death. For instance, autopsies are confidential under state law.

Cobain was found dead on April 8, 1994, after disappearing from drug rehab. Love had said he was suicidal, and the autopsy ruled that he had died by a single gunshot wound to the head and that he had taken a huge amount of heroin. However, a private investigator, hired by Love when Cobain went missing, got the conspiracy theories started by claiming Cobain was murdered because he had so much heroin in his system he wouldn’t have been able to pull the trigger. Speculation grew from there — his death has its own Wikipedia page — and it has been a profitable business, with books and films examining some of the possibilities.

When will the conspiracy nuts finally give it up?

  • DanSwon

    Sounds like Richard Lee needs to undergo a psychiatric assessment rather than any of this court stuff being dragged on.

  • Steven Adler (Fan)

    Absolutely no conspiracy! Period. It was assisted suicide.

    • astrocreep7

      Who assisted?

      • Jefferson

        People such as Michael Dewitt and Rene Navarrette know a hell of a lot about Kurt’s whereabouts leading up to the discovery of his body..

  • Olga Stewart

    I guess Mr. Lee is never going to stop with this.

    But I have to wonder how much money he is going to go through hiring a lawyer (unless he defends himself) for these court appearances.

  • Kevin Lee Myers

    Never give up! I want to see Kurt’s body!

    • Olga Stewart

      Why do you want to see the body?

    • Lucas Santos

      I know u like ripped men, but Kurt was a skinny man. I dont think u’d like to see his body

  • Gary Reilly

    According to the most recently available data (2008 – figures have likely gone up since), around 6,775 people die every day in the USA alone. So whilst I understand that fans and friends will naturally be hugely upset when a musical icon (or actor or whatever) dies, it isn’t always a conspiracy. Be it Elvis, Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, whoever – there’s always a group of people who are unwilling to accept the official line. That’s fine, and that’s their prerogative. But once you start hassling the mourning family and start requesting photos from the autopsy, you’re crossing a line into an area you have no business being in.

    • Olga Stewart

      Thank you in regards to the part of your comment about the photos.

      If they want to reopen the investigation, then all right.

      But I think those photos need to be kept away from the likes of Mr. Lee (among others).

    • Dave Wight

      One the police and family have come to a rational conclusion, anyone else trying to dig deeper should be brought up on harassment charges. Dude is making it all about himself because he has no soul.

  • Rene LEger

    Mr grant the private investigator has proved it was murder i dont want to state all the facts i know if u think he killed himself then u didnt research and u believe th bs that main stream media tells u ..y 3 rounds ? .planned on missing..why barrel burn mark on trigger finger ..now a super heroin addict wich kurt was more moderate can only take 1/4of the dose he had and passes iut needdle in arm ..how would he operate a shotgun..impossible also what addict puts the cover on the needdles back on…theletter was placed afterwards and the last lines of it are not his hadwritting..he was also gonna leave courtney she was gonna loose all and she was recorded askig el Duchenne to kill kurt and theres more if u look ..no proof points to suicide and if u call me conspiracie i say your fake and believe the tv and brainwashed…dont listen to what they tell u they lie at every turn for control research everything question everything stop being puppets to the system they do not care for the public …anyone who says he suicide didnt look into this and is blowing air wich we could all use to breath……other facts are door locked from other side ..slashed tires timming of letter drop and phone call ..cops thrown off case tampering with evidence ..closed case withou investigation ..it goes on and on and u say conspiracie well i say ur braindead

    • Jonny

      Ok. Lets say he did got killed. So what? He ain’t coming back. He was a hell of a good musician but was bound to die anyways by his heroin addiction. Just like so many others. He became a huge icon after his death. By proving your theory right you will get nothing and definitely will fuck his family up even more than what kurt’s dead alredy have. Let the man rest in peace. Enjoy his music.
      And get some other theory that is worth going bald for.

      • delusionalme

        People don’t think it through. There is too much emphasis on blaming someone. His daughter lost her dad. He is either the good, dead parent or the ill, dead parent. What does that leave for Francis Cobain if he was murdered? The man gave all he had. I agree people should let it alone.

      • Christina Moore

        Because the people or person who did it need to pay for there crimes! Right?

      • Rene LEger

        Well courtney deserves nothing only france id feel bad for but wouldnt thant bring he relief it would ti me not like his mom and dad cared and im sure david ghrool sold out and so wont affect him or chriss nor would smears the only ones that would be hurt would be the crooked investigators and the only one who really benefited off kurts dead is courtney..and she wasnt loyal to kurt nor did she treat him good and she gets everything having done nothin ..kurt and billi korgen sry if misspelled ..from smashing pumpkins wrote most jer stuff she had a free ride ..so i stand by what i said and this false shit telling the masses false stories this is only 1 of many so no we shouldnt leave it alone
        Kurt was going to rehab and wanted step back from the public eye and and but not suicide …

  • Dave Wight

    Conspiracy theorists have an inability to rationalize thought. My revelation about Nirvana is they were one of the worst bands of all time, and anyone found owning one of their albums should be forced to destroy it.

  • kristina Beaulieu

    Here is the situation((personally I believe murder)) but the facts are the facts. DNA has changed drastically since 1994 and way to many holes in suicide theory. This truly is one of the hardest cases. Kurt lives through his daughter and Truth and Justice will prevail. Such AMAZING talent gone at such a young age. The true lose was the love he had for Frances….she’s lost the most

  • Jay Cobain

    Click bait like always from this brainwashed wannabe journalist/writer or whatever he calls himself lol.. This guy needs to get a real job and stop trying so hard to favor Courtney Love, because clearly he is under her payroll.
    Most people know Kurt was murdered and then their are people like this guy that support Courtney because they are Infatuated with her or paid by her. And then their are people that are not aware of the evidence that stacks up to the ceiling that points to foul play.
    I love how people like him don’t write about the whole event I mean maybe he has but they leave out important stuff. The fact that Sgt Cameron was about to be let go for corruption should be plenty enough reason this Investigation should be re opened.
    Seriously this guy was the lead detective an his name is on a lot of the papers an reports in this case and they are free to download as well for anyone new to this case. This guy was Very crooked and Courtney is even on tape saying that Sgt Cameron told me to destroy Kurt’s note that pretty much said I’m leaving you & want a divorce.
    He tells her to destroy because it will do her know good and only hurt her. Hmm yea because it may raise suspicion on her bc he wanted a divorce so she killed him and clearly Courtney paid Cameron off.
    It’s sad knowing a person can have you killed and get away with it. He don’t talk about how Courtney made a false persons report and pretending to be Kurt’s mother and words it so when the police find Kurt they will simply think we’ll his mom said he bought a gun an ran away to take his own life & we found him with a gun so yea case closed.
    He don’t talk about how they didn’t properly investigate Michael Cali Dewitt & only spoke with him over the phone once. That is sad, very sad and says a lot that they didn’t handle this case like a death investigation like they should have done.i could go on and on but hey Brett hope you live a happy life Portraying Kurt as a Suicidal person when you know that is not the case.
    Hope you enjoy your blood money you get from her because the day will come when this case is done proper. And people like you will be looked down on

  • Jay Cobain

    Sgt. Cameron was about to be fired for corruption so he quickly retired & Courtney Love is on tape saying Sgt Cameron told her to destroy a note Kurt wrote to her talking about how he is leaving her & wants a divorce.
    Courtney loves own attorney is on tape saying Kurt didn’t kill himself and that Courtney was obviously involved with Kurt’s death. She speaks about how several weeks ago Kurt calls her to have Courtney removed from his will, then later Courtney calls & says find me the most Vicious divorce lawyer she can find & even was asking about the Prenup like asking if their was a way around it.
    Michael “Cali” Dewitt was never properly investigated or questioned like he should of if SPD would of treated this case like a death investigation like they were supposed to do. They dropped the ball for sure. They talked to Cali only once over the phone & it was a short conversation at that.
    Courtney Love phones in the false missing persons report. She claims to be Wendy, Kurt’s mother and said Kurt ran away from rehab & bought a shotgun & may be Suicidal.
    That’s very odd bc she kept blowing up Kurt rehab phone the last day he was their. So when she finally got ahold of him he then leaves. Wonder what lie she told him to get him to actually leave an fly home to walk into his death trap.
    Because he bought another ticket that’s been a mystery bc we would like to know who it was for. But we get a good idea bc Kurt Called the peninsula where Courtney was staying & left a message for her. The message was basically how to get up with Kurt it contained a females name and her phone number so Courtney could get in touch with Kurt if need to be. But Courtney didn’t tell people about that because she wanted him to appear suicdal and missing.
    Truth is he wasn’t & that’s why Courtney would not let Tom put Surveillance on the House because he was their the whole time and sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning Someone shot up kurt with a lethal dose and then pulled the trigger.
    I could go on & on but I won’t bc their is a lot more proof out their but I’m just pointing out stuff that are red flags

    • Jefferson

      You’ve done your research. What is your take on the last sighting of Kurt. The Easter Sunday night dinner at the Cactus Restaurant witnessed by several people including the owner, where Kurt ate with at least two other people who have yet to come forward and identify themselves. Then we have JESSICA HOPPER who admits to be at Cobain’s Lake Washington home from from the time Kurt returned from Exodus up until the window of time given by the medical examiner reports as approximate time of death. There is also a few others who may have witnessed a coverup or were directly involved in the plot.

  • Jefferson

    It isn’t CL who needs a polygraph, her actions speak volumes! It’s people like MICHAEL DEWITT, RENE NAVARRETTE AND JESSICA HOPPER who need to be investigated and put through a polygraph.