Motley Crue Call Out Big Name With Brutal Queen Takedown


Nikki Sixx revealed that Motley Crue were inspired to write their own version of Queen’s takedown song “Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to…)” about a ‘rip off’ manager.

“The guy in the middle we fired and wrote a song about called ‘Bastard’ which I was inspired lyrically by Queens ‘Death On Two Legs’.Basically the same subject which was a rip off manager. #1981 #motleycrue #TooFastForLove @motleycrue I’VE ALWAYS BELIEVED YOU SHOULD WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH OR OBSERVING.#Lyrics #RocknRoll #LosAngeles.”

“This first shot was taken at an old drive in movie theater in Tucson Arizona where we were doing pre production in the arena for the Girls Girls Girls tour.We took a lot of different shot’s that day for @rollingstone.The next shot is the one that ended up for cover. @motleycrue #MotleyHistory #1987.”

“Wanna fight? 😂 Having fun at the old @motleycrue apt in #Hollywood where Vince, Tommy and I lived. #TheDirt #motleycrue 💪🏼 #1981.”

“Happy birthday to my free spirited,big thinker,kind hearted beautiful daughter “Storm”today. Here we are in Japan getting matching “Cupcake” tattoo’s because that was her nickname from me when she was little.Daughter’s will always be your little girl no matter how big they get..So proud of her and really looking forward to a father daughter date tonight to hear all about her newest dreams and aspirations.#ProudFather #Family”