Rage Against The Machine New Movie Revealed?


Rage Against The Machine recently embarked on their “Public Service Announcement Tour,” which the quartet launched last month at the Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin. Marking the band’s first live shows in 11 years, the ongoing trek was originally scheduled to ignite in 2020, but was postponed twice due to the global pandemic.

The first leg is winding down with a five-night stand at New York City’s famed Madison Square Garden. Fans have been speculating that Rage Against The Machine might be going on their last tour. They are performing at the Madison Square Garden and the dates were revealed to be August 8, 9, 11, 12 & 14.

Rage Against The Machine is performing on their last tour?

One of the fans on Reddit,  nycmunster noted that the series of shows might the last for the band. It has been noted that the event is being filmed which has further raised concerns among the fans who believe it might be their last show

The fan wrote: “A mutual friend of mine went to the msg show yesterday and said there were paper signs that said “notice to the audience: This event is being filmed. Your attendance at this event is deemed consent for Rage Against the Machine and others to use your likeness, free of charge, for all purposes and in any and all media, worldwide in perpetuity. You wave all claims regarding these uses.”

“I’m guessing there might be a documentary on the MSG shows in the future. I know Sunny has been filming all the shows too so maybe it’s a mix of the entire PSA tour?? Or I hope it’s not their last tour and they want to film it??”

Another fan DChemdawg commented, “They’re all being filmed. Audience occasionally featured on the big screen behind stage. Hopefully they do make a live video production after the tour.”

Another one ilovenomar5_2 said, “Think they use different cameras than what they do for the live stuff. That’s what somebody said about one of the Dua Lipa shows where they were filming her for documentary type of stuff”

It was previously noted that A UK/European run is scheduled to begin later this month, plus a second leg of US and Canadian shows is set for early 2023, with tickets available here.