Kanye West Accused Of Dating Man By Republican


Controversial Republican personality Milo Yiannopolis has claimed that Kanye West admitted to him that he’d had ‘non-heterosexual liasons’ in the past in new posts on Telegram.

“There were three reasons I wanted to get involved in YE24. First, I thought Ye might be the only person capable of dragging the Republican Party kicking and screaming into authentic Christianity. He could have torn up the rule book like Trump did and left us with a better country. That opportunity has now been squandered, though, happily, Nick has a new spring in his step and has leveled his aesthetic up dramatically.

Second, I was personally inspired by the fact that although Ye went through a long period of sexual degeneracy, including a stretch of non-heterosexual liaisons, he emerged from it successfully and now has four beautiful children. A great example of someone who overcame trauma, abuse and sin.

Third, I found the intellectual challenge of repackaging a star with three decades at the top of music and fashion as a viable, credible candidate for high office to be irresistible. That, too, is now scattered to the winds, which is a terrible shame. I take comfort, however, in the fact that the dinner I orchestrated by adding Nick and one other person to the table at the last minute appears to have yanked Trump back to the right.

It remains to be seen whether that will stick. I am not terribly optimistic. He still sounds old and weak, and the moment he gets anywhere near power the parasites will swoop back in and clamp themselves to his face. But the former President likes nothing so much as confounding expectations. Let us pray.”

“I don’t know why anyone is shocked by point two. I’ve been telling you for years. (Albeit in a less specific and more flippant way.) Ye, who insists on total transparency in all things, told us himself on a conference call.

Nick and I have some stuff to work out but we’re not enemies, so I won’t share any of our private conversations. But he and I texted back and forth about it as it happened. (“Milo is always right” being the gist.)”