Kanye West Exposes Elon Musk As Fraud In Video


Kanye West (now known as Ye) recently opened up on the Balenciaga scandal and he noted that it is a proof that Hollywood’s celebrities are muzzled. The rapper was leaving a Messianic church Saturday where few reporters met him to ask questions but he instead just started speaking freely about his antisemitism scandal/fall from grace.

Kanye West opens up on the matter

Ye suggested that more people were outraged by what happened to him than what materialized publicly which he said is also evident in the lack of celebs who’ve decried Balenciaga. Of course, he’s referring to a wildly inappropriate ad campaign featuring little girls posing with BDSM-themed teddy bears, not to mention court docs referencing a child porn case snuck into the background. The company apologized, but is still reeling from the fallout.

Kanye ripped Elon Musk in a new video for saying he wouldn’t unban Alex Jones from Twitter, saying Alex is a Christian.

He has been at the centre of a wave of controversy lately, doubling down on his anti-Semitic statements – which saw Amy Schumer scathingly dub him a Nazi during her recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig. Ye has been grabbing the headlines for some controversial reasons recently. This is largely due to him wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt during his Yeezy fashion show. Not only that, he came under fire for his recent anti-Semitic remarks. He stated that he’ll go “Death Con 3 On Jewish People.” West was even accused of saying he loves Adolph Hitler.